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The problems in the home mortgage business are not news to most of us. The subprime, unworkable ARMS, interest only, and other problem loans have all made the news. What isn't in the news, is that good, solid, responsible home purchase loans are readily available to most home buyers. Even those with marginal credit and/or recent bankruptcies and foreclosures on their record can qualify for good, solid low interest loans. The loan qualification process might take longer, but the result should be a safer loan at a lower rate than in the recent past.

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We at New Home Connection™ want to take an active role in guiding prospective home buyers to solid, responsible lenders and good mortgage loans. We have seen too many people get on the phone or internet and, unbeknownst to them, choose a bad lender and a bad mortgage based only on low initial payments, unprepared for the lurking hidden penalties and rate changes that crop up later. Unethical mortgage lenders push loans that make them the most money, often at the borrower's expense.

We have been in the real estate sales business in Colorado Springs since 1983, and have a lot of experience with mortgages. We want to help home buyers make the right choices in lenders and loans. To that end, we have a special relationship with local lender, Caliber FundingRich Dillman and his team at Caliber Home Loans. Steve is available to help you get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan, including assistance and advice on how to improve your credit, or just answer general questions about home financing. Learn more about Rich Dillman.


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