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Colorado Springs VA Home Loans - $419,000 and Up

VA Jumbo loans from $417,000 to $1,000,000+ are available. The maximum limit for Colorado VA home loans with NO down payment is $417,000. However, did you know that qualifying veterans can receive a much larger VA loan with only a small down payment? A number of examples are listed below:

Loan Amount Down Payment % Down
$417,000 $0 0%
$480,000 $15,750 3%
$500,000 $20,750 4.15%
$550,000 $33,250 6.05%
$600,000 $45,750 7.6%
$1,000,000 $145,000 14.6%

These are very low down payments compared to the conventional loan alternatives, which usually require a 20-30% down payment. However, there are some restrictions and a funding fee (which can be waived under certain conditions).

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